September 27, 2022

A free Beginner Level Turkish Sign Language Course, organised by Girne Municipality, in cooperation with Özyalçın Group of Companies and with the contributions of Cyprus Foundation for the Hearing and Speech Impaired (KIKEV), continues.

Within the scope of the project, which was carried out in partnership with three institutions with the slogan “Let love be our language and our fingers your voice”, the lessons that were held face-to-face at the Social Life Centre one day and online one day a week attracted great interest.

Özyalçın: “An Important Step For Creating Awareness In Society”

Turkish Sign Language Instructor and Translator Dr. Aslı Önay Akçay thanked Girne Municipality by pointing out that the municipality is one of the rare municipalities that shows interest in the foundation and sign language courses. Stating that the deaf and hearing impaired can express themselves very well, Akçay said, “The problem is with us; we don’t understand.” Akçay pointed out that sign language education should be included in the curriculum in schools as well.

Yağmur Özyalçın, one of the directors of Özyalçın Group of Companies, stated that the project, organised in partnership with three institutions, is a good example of sharing.

Expressing that he is a student in the sign language course at the Social Life Centre, Özyalçın stated that they think these courses will be a good start for raising awareness in the society.

Girne Municipality Social Affairs Branch Supervisor Misli Kadıoğlu said that with such a project, the Social Life Centre, which has become to an important place in the city in a short time for the development of the society with various courses, workshops and training sessions, offers the opportunity to learn a new language to communicate with hearing impaired individuals. Kadıoğlu stated that individuals with special needs also benefit from other courses in the centre and stated that they are working for a barrier-free city.

Güngördü: Public Organisations And Businesses Must Have Employees who can converse in Sign Language

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü stated that they aim for social equality, an accessible city for everyone, with an understanding that embraces all people, and said that the trainees participating in the Turkish Sign Language Course, which just started, can communicate with hearing-impaired people at a basic level, which is important for understanding each other without language obstacles. Stating that there should be employees who can speak sign language, especially in public institutions and businesses, Güngördü thanked the Özyalçın family, who supported and sponsored such a meaningful project, KIKEV President Bahire Doru, who had contributed to the course and also thanked Turkish Sign Language Instructor and Translator Dr Aslı Önay Akçay.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality 

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