March 21, 2023

Traditionally ARUCAD (Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design) organises public exhibitions of their students’ creations at the end of each term. This encourages creativity and the exchange and sharing of ideas.

The 2022 Spring term exhibition was opened to art lovers on Tuesday night, the 2nd of August at the ARUCAD Atelier Building.

Many works of art from different disciplines created by the students during the term are on show. The exhibits are the end results of all the courses offered at the University. They include drawings, paintings, sculptures, glass works, ceramics, photographs as well as examples of graphic,  architectural, industrial, environmental and interior design works.

The ARUCAD Atelier Building is near the New Harbour/Pia Bella roundabout in Girne. Opening hours are between 08:30 am and 20:00.

Source (Turkish): ARUCAD (Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design)

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