March 21, 2023

By Richard  Beale………………………………

This important top of the table clash was won convincingly in the end by Kaplıca Karadeniz, in a very competitive match between these two great rivals but unfortunately was marred by crowd trouble.


Saturday July 2: Iktisatbank BTM League 2, Group 7 : Yeniboğaziçi Osman Ergün Mehmet Stadium.

It gives me no pleasure to write this paragraph but as an observer at the match, I must mention it. In the first match of the season, there was crowd trouble between these clubs, resulting in Kaplıca having to play their “home” matches at neutral venues. The Police must have been aware of that and I was surprised that there wasn’t a greater Police presence. Trouble came firstly after Kaplıca opening goal with spectators taunting each other after a while the Police managed to get this under control. Greater crowd trouble came after Kaplıca’s second goal that was disputed, spectators started throwing water bottles and other missiles at each other as the “thin blue line” struggled to keep them apart. It was sickening to see women and children caught up in this as parents frantically tried to lead their children to safety. The match was held up both sets of players tried to help calm their “fans” down. Eventually, order was restored and the match restarted but many people had now left the stadium. No matter who started it there is no place in football for these ugly scenes, both clubs will probably face disciplinary action from the Football Federation.

Anyway back to the match Kaplıca now takes over Group 7 leadership after this game, Dipkarpaz was the better team in the first half and should have gone into the interval in the lead. In the second half after an opportunistic goal from Ogün, came the crowd trouble, which seemed to have affected the players and the match. The heat seemed to go out of the game and Kaplıca finished easy winners.

KAPLICA KARADENIZ 61 SK in blue and red strip

Kaplıca were hampered by a prematch injury to their “goal king” Berkant Istanbul, he started the match but was clearly affected by it, he wasn’t his normal bustling self and for once failed to get onto the scoring sheet.

Two 19 year olds, one on each team had a tremendous tussle with each other in midfield. UĞURCAN KARSILI, a little Tom Thumb, a pocket battleship, tenacious little terrier, and also skillful won the battle in the first half over his opponent ERAY GENÇ. In the second half the lanky Eray came more and more into the match and was a great influence in midfield for his team.

MAN of the MATCH – EKREM AKTAŞ scorer of 2 goals, was everywhere for Kaplıca, chasing, harrying.


6 mins: A Ekrem Çakıral corner on the left was fired into the near post where the Dipkarpaz Goalkeeper Yusuf fumbled it, the ball dropped to EKREM AKTAŞ to swivel on the ball and fire the ball into the net. 1-0.

16 mins: An equalising goal for Dipkarpaz, Kaplıca defence was caught wide open, BARIŞ DAĞ outstripped his marker on the left, carried on into the area to shoot past goalkeeper Alihan. 1-1

64 mins : A fine opportunist goal scored by Kaplica Captain OGÜN DURSUN. Ogün on the right gave chase with defender Berkan, the Dipkarpaz player trying to see the ball out of touch. Ogün had other ideals he stole the ball and went along the by line before beating Yusuf at his far post. This led to wild celebrations by the Kaplıca players and fans and unfortunately crowd trouble. Dipkarpaz protesting that either the ball went out or Berkan was fouled. 2-1.

79 mins: With Dipkarpaz pushing players upfield they were leaving big gaps at the back that were exploited by Kaplıca. A quickly taken free kick the right  AHMET CAN ANTOKMAK sent in a low cross that was met at the far post by OMAYKAN ÇEKİS to score – game over. 3-1.

84 mins: EKREM AKTAŞ – chasing a long ball on the left, outpaced the defence went on to bury the ball past Yusuf. 4-1.

Bu now most of the Dipkarpaz supporters had left the Stadium and there were no further problems.

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