March 31, 2023

A picnic event was held at the Boğazkoy Picnic Area as part of the Summer Holiday Children’s Workshops Activity Program of Girne Municipality Social Life Center.

In the organization, which was transformed into an awareness event due to the recent forest fires that took place in our country, the children prepared the banners “Get Well My Country”, “There Is No Other World”, “Don’t Burn My Breath”, “Forest Is Life”, “Protect The Forest Save My Future”, “Don’t Let Our Green Island Get Dark”, “The Forest” It is love” and gave other messages in writing.

Girne Municipality Social Affairs Branch Supervisor Misli Kadıoğlu stated that they had considered canceling the previously scheduled event on such a sad day, but that they found it more meaningful to embrace nature with children, and said that the children playing various games at the picnic area were examining the unifying nature of nature and it’s being a source of life for humans and living things.

Stating that the event has turned into an awareness event due to the ongoing fires in our country, Kadıoğlu said, “We are sad for every tree that burns and every living thing that is damaged or injured, and we are embarrassed for our children because we cannot protect our forests. Let’s hope this disaster ends as soon as possible. Necessary measures are taken to prevent forest fires from happening again and wounds are healed as soon as possible.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü thanked the children participating in the picnic for their sensitivity towards nature and their country.

Güngördü said, “I wish that the forest fires, which deeply injure all of us, from seven to seventy, and affect our future, will not happen again. Because the best legacy we will leave to our children is a green and clean environment. “I am very sorry for our loss,” he said.

Güngördü stated that while in a fire disaster, citizens struggled to cope with this disaster with extraordinary devotion, noting that the priority is to extinguish existing fires and to maximize the preparation for possible new fires as quickly as possible, pointing out the importance of learning a great lesson from this disaster. Güngördü warned against burning fires and throwing cigarette butts, and garbage in forest areas and picnic areas, “I want to call out to adults, families, young people and children. Picnic areas and forests belong to all of us. Let’s own and protect it.” he said.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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