March 21, 2023

Public Announcement 30 June 2022

As Lemar Supermarket, which has been serving the people of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus since 1997, we are changing both our name and company structure and renewing ourselves to develop.

We aim to further our understanding of quality and safe service, which we have been maintaining for 25 years without compromising, and we believe in the necessity of being competitive for success and being innovative for competition. We are ready to carry our brands, which give directions to addresses, names to stops, and which have become a frequent destination for all of us, into the future with two strong brands.

We will continue our years of retail experience with the names of Macro Supermarket and Molto Supermarket, and we will advance by maintaining our leadership in the sector by offering unmatched service quality and rich product variety with all our existing branches, with brand new names.

Under the leadership of our directors Gaye Boyacı Menteş and Gözde Boyacı, together with our board members, employees and teammates who will join us, we aim to change and develop.

Source (Turkish): Levent Foods


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