March 27, 2023

By Chris Elliott…

Many of our followers will be aware that for the past few weeks and months it has become increasingly difficult to keep the flow of news and reviews moving due to the sickness of our editor, Margaret Sheard who is suffering and receiving treatment for lung cancer and in the past few weeks she has been having daily radiotherapy for two tumours on her brain.

The pressure on me has been huge as I have been caring for her at home and taking her for treatment so my office time has been limited and I am extremely grateful to team members Umy 1 and Hugh Jarss who have taken much processing work from me but by the end of Margaret’s daily treatment, I had reached an all-time low and was feeling this can’t go on.

I guess with 9 years of promoting and publishing news and reviews together with Margaret and lots of encouragement coming to us I decided on one last try had to be made.

Firstly I refreshed the CyprusScene website image and added new features and am planning more and I believe we can regain our popularity, more so if I can make time away from the office meeting and help people again.  

We had set up podcasts of most of our articles across many channels but this had stalled due to lack of time available but is now being brought up to date and it’s interesting to see our key listening countries are the US, UK, and Cyprus. I also have a dream of being able to make video interviews which we have made a few but need help to get this project moving again.   

I had taken over the weekly online newspaper design from Margaret but with her recent treatment schedule and some technical issues we have had a couple of weeks’ downtime but we are now moving ahead again with publishing.

So its full steam ahead again and if there are any people who would like to help us and the TRNC promotions, then do please contact me,

Thank you

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