March 27, 2023

Readers mail….
From Damla Beton….

A call has gone out to the public and the authorities from the North Cyprus Society for the Protection of Turtles, (SPOT).

As in every year with the beginning of the summer months, sea turtles have started to spawn on our beaches.

Photo courtesy of Lucy Omeyer

Turtles lay their eggs on beaches and amongst the dunes. It is prohibited to drive motor vehicles, to park vehicles or caravans, to light fires at night, to use lights and to walk dogs in these areas. If you take part in such activities officials will intervene to remove you from them; in particular, from beaches at Akdeniz, Alagadi, Tatlısu, Mersinlik, Kantara, Kaplıca, Ronnas, Ayfilon, Altınkum, the Famagusta Boğaz and the stretch between Kaleburnu and Dipkarpaz.

This ban is not without reason. Hundreds of nests are destroyed every year and thousands of baby turtles die because of illegal human activities. Stray dogs, abandoned by humans eat the eggs and young turtles and are of particular danger for the existence of turtles in our country.

We are inviting our people to be more sensitive in protecting the sea turtles because they are the most important natural treasure of our country. Our own Ministry of Tourism has adopted them as its logo. They are also a part of our identity and portrayal of our country to the world.

Predated nest – Photo courtey of Evren Pirefendi

We appeal to our valued, nature loving people:

“Please do not use motor vehicles on beaches and do not park on the sand dunes. Do not leave your dogs unattended and report stray dogs seen in these areas to the local municipalities.

At the same time we expect all authorities to take the necessary precautions conscientiously.

Let us together protect the sea turtles to happily share this island with them!”

Source (Turkish): SPOT

Photo courtesy of Rihanna

1 thought on “SPOT Turtle Conservation Society’s plea to protect the turtles

  1. And please add our local beach at Karsiyaka to your list.
    We visit TRNC every summer and all these are valued venues for a most wonderful experience when the turtles hatch. PROTECT ALL OUR VALUED WILDLIFE !!

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