March 25, 2023

By Margaret Sheard ….

I am pleased to say that there are people who will help you when you are in desperate need of assistance and I would like to thank Kamil Aktepeli again for his help in the sale of my car. He originally helped me when Chris Elliott was in the hospital and was unable to attend a Police Immigration appointment for Residency Permit and Kamil Aktepeli as official Noter witnessed documents and stamp them so the Residency process was not delayed (click here).

Now as many readers will have seen. I have been battling cancer for a year and have to fund the treatment costs and as I had not been driving my car I decided to sell it to fund future treatment costs.

Kamil Aktepeli of Dijal Emlak Şti Ltd located in Metform Plaza, Karakum was again a  great help in preparing a power of attorney document and accompanying the buyer we found to my home where I signed the necessary form and was paid the agreed sale price by the new owner.

The following day I received a photo by email of the log book which confirmed the transfer of ownership had been completed and I would like to thank those very kind people Kamil, Ahmet, and Hasan who visited me and helped me conclude this sale at this very difficult time in my life.

If I may, I detail here a Go Fund Me fundraising page where readers that wish to, can learn more of my horrendous year fighting cancer, and perhaps if they wish to make a donation, they may do so.

Kamil, Ahmet, and Hasan

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