March 27, 2023

The 7th of June was designated as World Food Safety Day in 2019 and it has been celebrated every year since. The goals of the day are:

  •  To raise awareness of improving food safety,
  • To identify and prevent food related risks globally, and
  • To serve as a reminder of the need to manage food safety.

Safe food is the most basic right of life. Girne Municipality is most emphatic that the food offered to the public throughout our city is safe to consume. As a touristic city we carry out technical hygiene controls mainly on the food and beverage sector enterprises. This is done under the supervision of food safety experts and specialised personnel according to the laws of our country and based on global scientific standards.

It is evident that following the pandemic but still under economic difficulties experienced all over the world, food consumption is increasing every year at the same rate as the population. It is therefore very important that local food production is encouraged and the whole world takes the necessary measures now, to ensure that future generations will have access to sufficient and reliable food.

As Girne Municipality we operate the Open Market idea every Wednesday by bringing people together so that local producers are supported by selling their produce in a safe environment.

We also organise international festivals where the most basic agricultural products such as our local gems like olives and carobs are promoted.

Our principled stance and persistent, official hygienic controls of eating and drinking places is important in preventing risks arising from the consumption of food. Citizens can report any concerns and complaints about food safety by ringing the Alo 185 service.

Following on from the idea that safer food leads to better health, the responsibility of all entrepreneurs on this subject is also important in protecting both the trade sector and public health.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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