March 21, 2023

By Trevor Hughes…

The Deadline is getting closer for the old £20 and £50 notes.

A further reminder, time is getting even closer and closer were the old £20 and £50 paper notes will stop being accepted by Banks, retailers and services after September 30, 2022. Britons have only 131 days left to spend their old bank notes or they can exchange them at the Bank of England after the deadline.

Once October comes, Britons will not be able to use the old notes and if they still want their money’s worth, they will have to exchange them with the Bank of England.

People may deposit the old notes with their Bank in their UK bank account, whichever is the simplest and quickest way.

The Post Office in the U K may also accept old notes as payment or Britons can use them to deposit their notes in a U K account.

The Bank of England will always accept and exchange old bank notes, which Britons can usually send to them through to the post Office in the U K.

However, people are cautioned that using this method should “take appropriate measures to insure against loss or theft”.

Temporary Residence

There are a number of people who complain about the costs associated with Temporary Residence criterion here in the T R N C. Well, you may have read recently that because Great Britain came out of the E U, they no longer can reside in European Countries as before.

The minimum requirement for making a successful application to live in Spain is that you must have a minimum private income of 2350 euro per month, in addition, any dependents must also have a private income of 585 euro per month each.

Minimum Wage

İn June there will be a minimum wage review.

İf the government offices feel it is necessary to increase the minimum wage, many of the traffic fines will be increased, along with any other transactions associated with the day-to-day activities of living and settling here.

Health insurance associated with temporary residence applications and applications for temporary residence will also be affected!

Third Party Insurance

With effect from June this year, the Government are to increasethird-party vehicleinsurance by 60%. This may seem excessive but when you take into account that 60% only equates 294 TL increase on the minimum third party it doesn’t seem so excessive. The Government was asked to considerraising the third-party insurance to help some insurance companies remain solvent due to the volume of people taking out the cheapest insurance policy available, of which local drivers are the main cause of accidents.

If only the Government and the police clamped down on the people who do not take out any insurance at all there may not be a need for this increase!

Members of the public need to be aware that if you under value your car, insurance companies whom accept this lower valuation can reserve their right to lower the cost of any claimed insurance work by 10 – 20% of the final bill. This will mean that you will have to make a payment before repairs commence! There are some insurance companies who will lower the premium just to get the business and not informing the potential client accordingly. We at Capital İnsurance talk with the customer and inform them of the possible ramifications of their decision and sign a document outlining what may happen if that is their choice.

Capital Insurance Alsancak

Last month the Capital İnsurance office in Alsancak recorded their highest gross income since they startedover 4 years ago.

Why, because people are recognizing true value for money and the quality of service they provide.


The benefits of planning ahead

Specify exactly who your benefactors are? Rather than letting the law decide, you can divide up your inheritance in whatever way you desire.

Nominate your children’s guardians. If you have children under 18 and the worst does happen, you need to plan ahead for their future.

State who your executors are. Choose the person you most trust will make sure your will is properly adhered to.

Set out your wishes for specific possessions. Many of us have treasured heirlooms or keepsakes – a well-written will lets you pass it on to the loved one you have chosen; it will mean the most to you.

Write a joint will. It’s possible to write a combined will for you and your partner. Not only does this align your wishes with each other, it’s also possible to get excellent discounts.

Any person can be named as a beneficiary, the exception is the people who signed the will as witnesses, who cannot be a beneficiary of the will.

The number of people who sufferfrom the early stages of Dementia, should together with their dependent, consider re writing a new will. This Will avoids unnecessary anguish and delay with the probate system.

Don’t forget this also applies to your will in the U K.

Bottled Gas

There is a shortage of bottled liquid petroleum gas, again. The likelihood of these bottles being stolen, is highly likely.

Do not store them in your home, they are in affect a small bomb which can explode at any time. Full bottles are best kept outside or in a garden shed if you have one. İf this is not possible, get a substantial chain and lock the two bottles together

Bayram Holidays

There are no Bayram Holidays this month.

Hottest time of the year breaking records

The heat in Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean and a long-time favorite among British holidaymakers and expats, is unusual for this time of the year.

On Monday, thermometers hiked up to 39C during the day, with the Met Office advising visitors to wear loose, light-colored cotton clothing, drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and sugary drinks.

A slight dip is expected today, with the weather set to remain stable and largely unchanged throughout the rest of the week.

When the weather is this hot, do not discharge cigarette ends carelessly. Do not throw glass bottles in the grass verges. Fires can be started very easily and can cause untold damage and even loss of life.

And for something a little different and to get the grey matter pulsating

A proposal for the North and South Cyprus to overcome current difficulties – Source Yeniduzen

These are the confidence-building measures outlined by Anastasiades is outlined today 31 May 2022:

Maras-Timbu (Ercan) Airport:

The fenced-off town of Varosha and access to it will be transferred to the UN administration in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions 550 and 789 so that legal residents can return as soon as possible under security conditions.

In parallel with this process, Ercan Airport will be given to the management of the UN and will operate in full compliance with the relevant international law rules, including the 1944 Chicago Convention, and the 1960 Establishment Convention.

 It will remain a single and indivisible flight information zone (FIR) in Cyprus.

Famagusta Port-Ankara Protocol:

Practical arrangements for trade through Famagusta Port will be agreed in line with the 10th protocol of Cyprus’ 2003 EU accession text. These exchanges will be managed by the European Commission.

Turkey will lift its restrictions on Cyprus and implement the Additional Protocol of the Accession Treaty fully and without exception for Cyprus, thereby allowing, among other things, the access and opening of Turkish (Turkish) ports to Cypriot-flagged ships.

Cypriot citizens will not be deprived of a single drop of hydrocarbons and their possible income. Even before the Cyprus problem is resolved, the relevant income for the Turkish Cypriot community will be deposited into a special account in proportion to the population/citizens of the future constituent states.

An Exclusive Economic Zone/Continental Shelf delimitation agreement will be signed between Cyprus and Turkey.

Invitation to Renegotiation

In his letter dated 6 May, Anastasiades invited Ersin Tatar to renegotiations within the framework approved by the international community.

Anastasiades said, “We must negotiate the possible and realistic, not the undesirable and impossible to achieve “and laid out the negotiation framework as per the January 11, 2014 Eroğlu-Anastasiades agreement. Addressing Tatar with the phrase “Dear Ersin“, Anastasiades also referred to the UN Security Council resolution 716 dated 1991.

Proposed Negotiation Framework

Anastasiades reminded Tatar of the elements and negotiation framework that emerged in the 2014 agreement:

“Unification, in whole or in part, with another country, or any division or separation, or any other unilateral change of status, is prohibited.”

“The two constituent/constituent federated states will have equal political status and designated administrative boundaries to govern autonomously.”

“The constituent states will exercise all their powers fully and uninterruptedly, without the domination of the federal government.”

“Federal laws shall not violate the laws of the constituent states within their jurisdiction, and the laws of the constituent states shall not violate the laws of the federal government within their jurisdiction.”

“None of the parties will be able to claim the right or authority of the other. The federal constitution will provide for the remaining (residual) powers to be exercised by the constituent states.”

 “Each constituent state will have the right to establish certain criteria regarding its internal citizenship status.”

“The right to vote shall be held in the constituent state in which the citizen does not hold internal citizenship status but in which he or she chooses to reside or work in the constituent state.”

“As an EU member, Cyprus will remain a member of the EU after the settlement, which will ensure and protect the full uninterrupted enjoyment of all Cypriots’ fundamental freedoms and human rights.”

 “The two communities will actively participate in the federal government with special provisions so that one community cannot claim the authority or rights of the other community.”

The continuation of the letter referred to the rapprochement recorded in the negotiations. In the letter, the following was stated in order to overcome other unjustified concerns of the Turkish Cypriot side that may be right or wrong:

 “I suggested that the administrative exercise of federal powers be taken from the federal level and consigned to the constituent states. With this proposal, each constituent state will enjoy broad administrative autonomy both within its own administrative region and without violating the principle of subsidiarity and proximity, while reducing the powers of the central government, the everyday life of both communities and citizens.

“It will minimize the turmoil in their life and thus reduce the possibility of conflict. Moreover, the people of Cyprus will feel more comfortable with such an arrangement.

“The Turkish Cypriot community finds itself under the hegemony of the majority (population) community and the Greek Cypriots themselves through the foresight that an affirmative vote will be required in any institution. They will not feel enslaved by the interests of the Turkish side”.

“Be aware of Greeks Bearing Gifts”

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