March 23, 2023

TRNC Presidency issued a statement regarding the letter that Greek Cypriot Leader Nikos Anastasiadis sent to the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative for Cyprus, Colin Stewart, with a copy to Presidential Special Representative Ergün Olgun.

The Presidency announced that steps to build trust between the two sides in Cyprus can only be discussed on the basis of new, creative and realistic proposals that will provide equal benefits based on the vested rights of the two sides defined as sovereign equality and equal status.

In the Presidency’s statement, it was noted that on the one hand, the Greek Cypriot side continues to prevent our access to the international community in every field by using its status, which it is abusing with the claim of being the only so-called sole ruler of the Island of Cyprus, and on the other hand, it tries to convince the relevant circles that it is trying to build trust. It was stressed that this demonstrates its insincerity.

Source:  TRNC Public Information Office

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