March 31, 2023

Opening Concert with the Presidential Symphony Orchestra. – Conductor: Luciano di Martino and Soloist: Rüya Taner – Piano

By Heidi Trautmann…..……

With just one music festival ended – I still have the music of the last concert with the Othello Choir in my ears – we were invited once more to a series of concerts organised by the European Festival Association with their 24th Music Festival in Bellapais. I was with them more or less right from the beginning, I am being nostalgic. It was in 2009 that I held an interview with Yilmaz Taner  – whose daughter, Rüya Taner, is today an internationally renowned concert pianist –  about the development of classical music in the TRNC.  It is now the most important music event of the year.

I saw that in the programme sheet the friendship between the TRNC and Italy is being specially mentioned. It was a great pleasure for all of us in the audience to see the great co-operation between the orchestra members and the conductor who led the musicians with a smile and total body engagement.

Rüya Taner, of petite body size but of excellent musicality, played – in the first part – Mozart Piano Concerto 23 in A, with high sensitivity. It was a mature and touching performance with, I would even say, a feminine touch.  In the second part, we listened to F. Schubert Symphony no. 5 in B flat major, played by the 28 musicians of the orchestra.

It was a most beautiful musical evening again and later – under the arches – the guests surrounded the musicians to congratulate them. In the crowd, I met many friends and music lovers and I was able to say hello to the organisers Yilmaz and Sifa Taner and members of the association Ilker Nevzat and his wife Rezzan, as always, at the entrance of the concert hall, still going strong.

For another month of musical events, please refer to the poster below.

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