March 26, 2023

Readers mail….
From Tina King….

We are all aware of the increasing problems with more and more animals being dumped in the streets or waking up to find some uncaring person has chosen your garden overnight to dump poor dogs or cats. It is a very difficult time for everyone involved with animal welfare. For those of you who contacted me and offered help and advice, I just can’t thank you enough.  My friends (swallows) recently had a load of puppies dumped at their villa and some more puppies were also dumped in my garden. What do you do? Who can you speak to? Where do you get help? It’s a very lonely place to be, in particular if you are only here on holiday.

To my surprise, one morning out of the blue, I received a call. An effervescent voice gave me the hope and the much needed help I was looking for and we agreed to meet. I found out later that day, I was meeting a ‘Street Angel’ called Necla.  Over a coffee I learned more about this crazy passionate Street Angel. Necla was born in Bursa, Turkey and right from a very early age her parents were aware of Necla’s affinity with animals. Both her mother and father encouraged her, as she was growing up, to respect and care for all animals. Little did they know that this would become a lifelong vocation for their beloved daughter.  Necla relocated from Istanbul with her husband a retired Colonel (ex pilot 1974 war) at the invitation of President Rauf Denktaş to enjoy their retirement here in the TRNC.

Soon after arriving, Necla very quickly became aware of the plight of many animals in and around her neighbourhood and without any hesitation started feeding stray cats and dogs and trying to find shelter or permanent “forever” homes. As her involvement with animals became known within the surrounding villages and community, people started to come to her for help, advice and assistance in particular with cases of emergency. 

For Necla this was the beginning of a long journey that would have no ending. As we are all aware in the TRNC the issues with abandoned and ill treated animals have always been steadily on the increase. However, it all came to a tumultuous crescendo when the pandemic hit and overnight it hit hard the street animals.

As restaurants and businesses were closed the street animals’ food supply was cut off. Necla saw the reality of Covid on the streets and fully realised her small pension was rapidly being consumed by increasing food and daily vet bills This continues to affect many people involved in animal welfare every day.
Necla is not funded by a charity and has up until now paid for everything from her own pocket or has raised some donations. But with the increasing number of animals she looks after, currently 60 cats and 70 dogs the cost of dried food is over 2000TL per week, this does not include wet food that is used for animals requiring treatments. Necla does have a great deal of support from Irma Dog Farm which helps with injured animals but, as you can imagine, vet bills are always an on-going concern. There are many issues with politics, neutering programs etc. but these street angels are there every single day, rain or shine caring, feeding and offering love. They are the only carers these poor animals have.

To help feed Necla’s ‘Street Children’ her friends have organised a fun event, and it is being sponsored by Garfield’s veterinary practice. So put this date in your diary:

Wednesday 25th May at 6pm, at The Heaven in Alsancak.
Tickets are on sale now for 200TL each. That includes a meal, a donation and all the entertainment
(Daria & Maria, The wonderful Kerry, followed by DJ Avenger) to dance the night away.

If you can help in any way every little counts to save an animal
Food Donations: Necla 0548 888 41 05 Event Tickets: Pam 0533 830 53 75

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