April 1, 2023

Readers mail….

From Liz Stowell – Hope 4 Pets….

Here is an exciting charity announcement – Joint Dog Neutering and Release Project – Lefke 

Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus and Altin Petiler Dernegi are pleased to announce that a joint neutering and release programme has been started in Lefke. Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus and Altin Patiler Dernegi have spent many months working closely together, trying to facilitate a Neutering Project.

We have carried out the enormous task of a Roaming Dog & Cat Survey, this was carried out in accordance with the methods stated in the World Society for the Protection of Animal (WSPA) and was vital to the neutering plan, this is the first roaming animal survey completed in North Cyprus. 

The aim of the project is to have a healthy, well fed, roaming animal population, which will benefit the community, tourists, and businesses in the TRNC.  We also aim to significantly reduce the animals admitted to council run shelters which are currently overflowing, so reducing their financial burden.

  • The Roaming Animal Neutering Project Plan was created by and will be managed by Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus & Altin Patiler Charities
  • Funding – will be provided by Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus & Altin Patiler Dernegi Charities and under the auspices of the TRNC Presidency and under the leadership of President Ersin Tatar’s wife Sibel Tatar.
  • Transport – facilities will be provided by Ozlem Oran, Paw Friends Commitee
  • Vet care – will be provided by Animates & Vetpetite Veterinary Clinics
  • Kennel Facilities will be provided by Petline Pet Hotel

The Charities would like to thank Dr. Fusun Yildiz the chairman of the TRNC Presidency Science and Health Committee for your Imput, Animates and Vetpetite veterinary clinics and Petline Pet Hotel for their professional services and support, Soley Schmacher-Rustem for facilitating meetings and helping with donations.

The project will:-

  • Neuter female/male dogs
  • Tattoo (ear) each dog with an individual unique number
  • Provide writable disposable plastic collars to identify each dog
  • Provide a health check
  • Flea/Tick & Worming treatment
  • Provide 5/7 days aftercare to re-cooperate in kennels, if needed.
  • Provide antibiotics should they be required
  • Provide a reflective collar to prevent road traffic accidents
  • Provide transport from place of origin to vets, kennels and return animal to place of origin
  • Provide Vet treatment if needed for sick or injured animals (funded by the Charities)

The first 4 dogs were successfully neutered yesterday the 9th May, we will be posting advertisements in the next couple of days, to rehome all the Dogs neutered by this project.

Going forward, once this pilot scheme has been completed, we will require additional financial support and volunteers.

Please contact either Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus or Altin Patiler Dernegi if you can provide your help or offer donations.

Corporate financial backing would also be welcome and if you would like more details re the advertising packages we have available to the corporate sector, again, please contact Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus or Altin Petiler Dernegi.

We look forward to a continued and successful neuter and release scheme in additional areas.

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