December 8, 2023

Bellapais Cemetery Park, which was brought to life by Erbil Arkın and Arkın Group, with the contribution of Girne Municipality and Beylerbeyi Headman, was opened with a ceremony.

The cemetery, which is located in the east of Beylerbeyi village and has been idle for years, was restored under the leadership of Arkın Group, in cooperation with Girne Municipality and Beylerbeyi Muhktar.

Spreading over an area of ​​5 thousand square meters, Bellapais Cemetery Park has been reorganised with a capacity of approximately 300 tombs, consisting of sections for Muslim, Orthodox, international citizens and orphans.

While the chapel, which is located in the said area and is in danger of collapse, is being restored, in addition to the chapel, there is a resting room, resting places around the graves, benches where citizens can sit, a walking path suitable for the use of the disabled, toilets, ablution areas, and a covered pergola where funeral prayers will be performed. Landscaping was also done.

Speaking at the opening, Arkın Group Chairman of the Board of Directors Erbil Arkın reminded that people who came from all over Cyprus and settled in Bellapais village years ago did not have a cemetery where they could bury their elders and expressed that a need was met with the project.

Erbil Arkın expressed that the project has a different meaning in that the residents of Bellapais feel that their past, future and roots are in this village and that they can adopt this place as their homeland, and thanked everyone who contributed to bringing the project to life.

Noting that the Greek Cemetery, which has been idle for years in the region, has been restored and opened to the use of all the people of the region, Arkın gave technical information about the project, saying that outside the cemetery area, there are also areas where citizens can sit and read their books and play games.

Beylerbeyi Muhktar, Niyazi Engin, stated that the area in question has been allocated to the village for the purpose of organizing it as a cemetery since the 1980s, but no steps have been taken since then.

Reminding that the absence of a cemetery in Beylerbeyi Village is a great shortcoming, Engin thanked Arkın Group and Girne Municipality for their contribution to meeting this need of the village.

Mayor of Girne, Nidai Güngördü, stated that the project is an indication that good works will be achieved with the cooperation of municipalities, private sector, business people and the people of the region, and thanked everyone who put effort into bringing the project to life.

Reminding that there are sections for Muslims, Orthodox, citizens of other international religions and orphans in the cemetery in question, Güngördü said that this is an island country in the Mediterranean and has hosted many civilizations and different cultures throughout history. He stated that the message was given that religions and colors will continue to coexist.

After the speeches, plaques of appreciation were presented to Erbil Arkın by the Girne Municipality and the Beylerbeyi Headquarters.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality




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