March 28, 2023

Readers mail….
From Richard Chamberlain….

At the risk of boring your readers about my exploits when I was in Cyprus in 1954, I would like to tell you about the day my twin brother and I went to a little village near Salamis called Engomi.

We were stationed near Famagusta and we often explored nearby places. This particular time we found ourselves at this village, Engomi, now renamed Tuzla, I believe.

There was a lovely little Greek Orthodox church there. My brother and his friend Vic McGarry sat on the church steps while I took their photo.

I have often wondered where the church was, so somebody on Frozen Cypriots Facebook page saw the photo of my brother on the church steps and said it was a place called Engomi. I looked up that name on an old map of Cyprus and low and behold, there it was near Salamis.

Last Saturday, I set off in my car to see if I could find the church and village. Of course, along with everything else on the Island things have changed a lot, but by a miracle, I came across the church, now a mosque. It appears Engomi is now called Tuzla.

My wife took my photo sitting on the steps where my brother had sat 68 years ago.

Also shown are other photos of the now inside of the Mosque, the stone lions that have been there all those years, quite weather worn, the place where the worshippers washed their feet, and the sign of Tuzla Cam ii, over the door. It has been an amazing experience for me to find the church again where my brother sat on the steps after all these years. I hope you have enjoyed the experience and journey with me.

Best wishes,

Richard Chamberlain

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