September 27, 2022

Introduction by Chris Elliott….

There are some people in life who are gifted and very successful and here I am thinking of Hadiza Zakari who is departing to Italy to participate in the Miss Europe Continental competition, and this is what she said in her competition address on the Miss Europe Continental website and we send our best wishes for her attempt to win the title “Miss Europe Continental 2022″.

“I am Hadiza Zakari, a multicultural entrepreneur and model. I was born in Istanbul, Turkey to two loving parents with a strong cultural background that I embrace evenly. My father, who is Nigerian, and my mother who is Iranian always instilled in me the value of self-awareness, perusing my passions, and taking necessary risks to get the best thing out of life. 

 I think I’ve always been an independent thinker and a good problem solver. I enjoy the challenge and the journey of creating something that’s my own and being able to connect with people in the process. I think modeling helped me learn things about myself at a very young age.

 I started modeling when I was 16 years old and continued when I came to university in Cyprus where I did both my bachelors and Master’ degree. I’ve participated in many beauty pageants, fashion shows, television appearances and some endeavors that are not common to some however, my true focus is business and family life. 

 In 2019, I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. It’s one of the most severe and aggressive forms of breast cancer and had I not found out when I did, I might not be here to share my story. It was an extremely difficult time for me and my loved ones but I kept a positive attitude because I wasn’t ready to give up. Going through that experience, I learned a great deal about myself, the people that surrounded me, and how I should value certain things.  It was a truly humbling experience and it created a shift in how I value and allocate my time. Time is the only thing we truly have a limited amount of but it also takes time to attain things that are important to you. 

 I’m doing everything that I want to do to achieve my dreams. I don’t want to go into great detail about what my future holds but I can share a little of what my current endeavors are. I am the founder/director of Dizak Trade & Investment Ltd. I spent a great deal of my time building my brand Alpha Tempa© it’s a shop located in Cyprus where we sell luxury/casual day/evening attire for women. We also have selected items for men. We want everyone to look good and feel good together.  I’m also co-Founder/Director of Luxify Global LTD which is one of my companies where we produce luxury events. 

Through this experience, I look forward to meeting and networking with the other competitors & Miss Europe Continental team in order to broaden my ability to share my experiences. In everything I do, I try to set the standard and stand out in a positive light. Every experience offers an opportunity to learn and I hope to walk away from this experience having learned more about myself, making new friends, and hopefully win a title which would elevate my career as a model and create more business opportunities.

If I could share anything with competitors or anyone else for that matter, I’d just tell them a few things. Be true to yourself and what you believe. Respect yourself and value your time. Keep a positive attitude no matter what trials you face.

 I’m preparing for this event in the same manner of how I simply live my life.  I care about my health so I maintain a healthy (vegan) diet and exercise both physically and spiritually. I stay away from fast food, processed food, and anything toxic and chemical. I try to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and maintain a healthy skin.

Mentally, I’m coming to put my best foot forward by being open-minded, keeping a positive mental attitude, and paying attention to my surroundings. The environment you’re in absolutely affects your mood. This summer I am planning a fashion show for my brand “Alpha Tempa” and also presenting the Enmoda Awards Ceremony which is the signature annual event of Enmoda Fashion Magazine.”

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