March 27, 2023

Readers mail ….
From Susie L Ford ….

Hello readers,

It certainly was a great night at Hati’s Café in Esentepe for Sumarts Karaoke on 14th April 2022 with many guests seated waiting a great night’s entertainment to start and for superb meals to arrive.

We had yummy meze, chicken chops, and chicken shish, lamb kleftiko and mouth-watering chocolate desserts.

There was an excellent atmosphere dampened by a power cut but that was all forgotten with fantastic karaoke singing from many of the guests.

Thank you all for joining us and thank you to dear Hati for hosting us so well and making the night superb even when the lights went out.

We are at Hati’s Café every Friday with a Karaoke Night at 8.00 pm and everyone is welcome but do book your place early to avoid disappointment..

Susie Q Xxxx

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