April 1, 2023

By Heidi Trautmann….

Girne celebrates World Art Day 2022 – A cooperation of Girne Municipality and Ipek Denizli Art Studio and many visual and performing artists, writers and poets.

Birthday of World Art? It is the oldest, yes, the first creative movement in human development, we have proof enough. Why is it so often neglected in many ways? If we would not have our artists who keep the movement alive, the governments worldwide would leave it in the last position. Perhaps the reason is, that our politicians did not have good art teachers?

Two hours of art education in a week is not enough, art exhibitions should be visited, art history should be taught and students should learn to observe with all their senses. There is much to say about it.

However, there are some institutions and municipalities that support the artists’ movements, for example, Girne Municipality with our active Mayor Nidai Güngördü, and I went to see the event.

In the afternoon of April 15, you could hear from afar poets reading, musicians playing and singing, and as I got closer, I could see activities such as visitors being invited to help create the longest painting of ten metres (under the control of Nevin Halis). There were children and grown-ups trying their hand in marbling and ceramic arts (Leman Cankat).

A big circle of paintings and artistic photos by some artists (Hasan Kayiplar, Bedia Kale, Mandana Mehrnia, Candan Behzatoğlu, Zülal Karlıova, İpek Denizli and Tünay Özyay’s)  was set up in which everybody moved to the songs that were sung, Cypriot songs, and many of the guests joined in.  At a table sat some of the local writers and poets signing their newly published books to people (Feyzan Korur, Ayşe Tural, Zafer Muhtaroğlu, Özlem Karakaşlı, İlkay Adalı, Orkun Bozkurt, Zeynep Yenen, Nurperi Özgener, Gülşen Musa Şenderin, Ferdiye Yurdakul). Oh yes, and street theatre organised by Ayla Öztaşçı. Ahmet Sunisi and friends delivered the music to the occasion, I also recognized Cemal Özgürsel among them as a second group. Oh yes, and I had not known that Ipek Denizli would join the musicians with a good voice, what a multi talent.

All around the artists activities on the old Municipality square were stands established with handicraft and local specialities.

A big thank you to the organisers, it gives us all hope in these weird times.

Art is the most important tool to develop creativity in people and the earlier the better, it finally results in making life better, to appreciate nature and all the arts improve health and mind.

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