January 29, 2023

Cooperating with Işık Bookstore the Municipality is organising Book and Culture Days activities. 

According to information given by Girne Municipality, the events will take place between 23-29 April at Ramadan Cemil Square and the Municipality Art Gallery. A press conference about the activities was held on 15th April 2022 in the Assembly Hall of the Municipality New Service Building.

According to the programme the public will meet with more than 70 writers, poets and journalists from Northern Cyprus and Ahmet Telli, Latife Tekin, Mine Söğüt, Havva Tekin, Bora Ercan, Barış İnce and Erdal Güney from Türkiye.

North Cyprus publishers Işık Publishing House, Galeri Kültür and Khora Publications will have stands in the Ramadan Cemil Square for seven days from 11:00 on Saturday, April 23, 2022.

Besides book sales, there will be musical concerts, interviews with authors, autograph signings, poetry recitals, discussion forums, seminars and story telling workshops.

On Saturday, April 23, 2022 at 11:00, a popular music group, Black Trio and on Sunday, 24th April at 11:00, the Retro Players will be performing on  stage at the Ramadan Cemil Square.

At the press conference in the Assembly Hall of the New Service Building Mayor of Girne, Nidai Güngördü, emphasised the importance of culture and arts in the life of the city and society and how such events had been promoted ever since they took office. He gave further information of their culture and arts investments, organisations, publications, competitions and festivals.

Güngördü said Işık Bookstore had an important place in the field of books and publishing in the country and expressed his satisfaction of cooperating with them and also in the participation of writers, poets and journalists; 7 from Türkiye and about 70 from Northern Cyprus. Giving some more information about the event he invited everyone in North Cyprus to join in the activities.

In return, Işık Bookstore director, Nahide Merlen said that they followed the culture and art activities of the Girne Municipality with pride and that they were pleased to cooperate in organising the events of Book and Culture Days. She said such events contributed to human development but that organising them took considerable expenditure and effort.

Işık Kitapevi, had been organising their own book fairs for the last 33 years. They had received requests to extend them throughout the country, but institutional support and collaborations were vital in establishing such events. However it was possible to repeat this cooperation in Girne with other Municipalities. In issuing invitations to writers, poets and journalists, 7 from Türkiye and 70 from the TRNC, they had chosen only those with recent publications and without paying attention to a particular name, race or class.

She also invited all citizens to attend the events.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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