December 10, 2023

By Margaret Sheard…..

Recently Namik Chavush was in contact with Chris Elliott about his new book “The Mexican Girl”. As I was in hospital following a stupid accident involved breaking my hip. I thought great I will download it to my Kindle and enjoying reading this new story by N K Chavush having read his previous book “Playing in Paradise” and published a review on our CyprusScene website.

To my surprise the day before I came home I had a visit in the Karakum hospital from Namik and we had a nice chat and he presented me with a signed copy of his book “Playing in Paradise” which I shall treasure and read again.

Now I am at home getting used to walking unaided with a walking frame I am going to sit and relax in greater comfort and read this new book “The Mexican  Girl” on my Kindle and then publish my review of this book soon.

In passing, I was pleased to hear that my new friend, Namik had also presented his “Playing in Paradise”  book to Ali Koc, the Fenerbahce Chairman at a ball at the Merit Park Hotel recently and hope he enjoyed it as much as I did.

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