March 25, 2023

Oktay: “As in the past, we stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder with Turkish Cypriots against those with a dark mentality”

Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay cursed the terrorist organization EOKA, which started armed actions against the Turkish Cypriots on April 1, 1955.

In his post through his social media account, Oktay noted that he cursed the EOKA terrorist organization supporting Enosis, which started a painful period 67 years ago and added “I commemorate our heroic martyrs with mercy. As in the past, we stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder with the Turkish Cypriots against those with a dark mentality”

 Statement by the TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the statement by the Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiades on the occasion of the establishment anniversary of EOKA

 We strongly condemn the statement of the Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades on the occasion of the anniversary of EOKA’s establishment, praising such a terrorist organisation sworn to achieve ENOSIS by eradicating the Turkish presence on the island and annexing it to Greece.

EOKA terrorist organisation, responsible for the atrocities and massacres against the Turkish Cypriot people, is in the dark pages of the history. The mentality praising the Greek Cypriot terrorist organisation is another proof of the continuation of racism and hatred towards the Turks in the Greek Cypriot side. Anastasiades, who claims that the said terrorist organsation fought “heroically” for the so-called “freedom and independence”, opts to conceal the facts from the new generation instead of facing with the history.

The main reason behind the lack of an agreement on the island up to today is the said mentality prevailing in the Greek Cypriot side for years. We, therefore, are of the opinion that an agreement envisaging the living of two peoples on the island in their own respective territories and under their own States, with good neighbourly relations, would be the most realistic model to achieve.

 Source: TRNC Public Information Office

1 thought on “Oktay,  Turkey condemns Greek Cypriot leader support for EOKA

  1. Has anyone added up the number of greek cypriots killed by EOKA compared to Turkish Cypriots? EOKA had to kill GCyps in order to be taken seriously. And when you remember that Makarious secretly funded it all. Perhaps we should take Anastiades at face value. You dont want a reunion other than to achieve ENOSIS. We Tcyps know and have moved on.

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