September 27, 2022

By Heidi Trautmann ….

8th  March, is a special day to celebrate; our journalist Ahmet Tolgay of Kibris Gazetesi congratulated our women and all women of the world on this year’s anniversary in his Monday Notes under the title: IF WOMEN RULED THE WORLD THERE WOULD BE NO WAR… which says it all, it is a recognition that women know about the secret of life and it will always be their priority to protect life, family and community. Thank you, Ahmet Tolgay.

However, there is more to say about women, especially about their creativity. The Çatalköy Cultural Centre ÇADER is the best proof for it. Now, in order to make this visible for all, ÇADER organised a morning in the garden of the association to celebrate Women’s Day, and had for the occasion invited some of our creative women to bring to display their work, be it regional delicacies, freshly published books or handicraft of all sorts. ÇADER provided big tables and announced the event in the media.

On the poster below you may recognize some of the participating creative ladies…Ayşe Tural, Sevil Emirzade, Emine Ercan, Ersin Kuset Bodur, Feza Aygın Sanıvar, Filiz Sinay, Gonca Akbudak Karacagil, Pervin Asil, Sevgi Acemoğlu, Sevgi Acemoğlu, Vicdan Rencber, Zerrin Topaloğlu Kafalıoglu…. and not to forget the members of the ÇADER Board, who had their own stand with the newly published own ÇADER Magazine and show pieces of their wide activity programme; learn more on their Facebook site, it is most interesting to read. Approach them if you want to have a copy of the magazine.

ÇADER has become a very important institution in the area with their wide programme of nature protection and their trendsetting vision of plastic waste control. Their house programme includes art education, handicraft and regional and foreign cooking classes, and also visits to cultural events and institutions. I hope that other communities get interested in adopting such activities in their own regions.

During the morning, our President Ersin Tatar had come for a visit, but also representatives of other political groups brought some flowers to all the women present in the garden. Çatalköy’s Mayor Mehmet Hulusioğlu, seemed to be very pleased with the event.

It was a very beautiful and warm spring morning with many visitors sitting around in the ÇADER garden and enjoying some pastry and a cup of good Turkish coffee, prepared in a very traditional way.

Also from my side my congratulations and best wishes for the future of the association and may the hands of our creative ladies be blessed.


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