March 28, 2023

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From Sue Tilt ….Tulips….

Hello readers,

As the saying goes: 3rd time lucky. We have tried to promote Prostate Cancer for the last 2 years but due to lockdown happening each March we have been unable to, however this year we are up and running (well not literally), we have the Treadmill Challenge to help raise awareness which is our aim for this year.

Our treadmill will be in different places around Girne and Lefkoşa and we need you all to take part. What do you have to do? Join us and walk 1 minute on the treadmill, we need to keep this going for 4 hours on the days we are out on the road.

Men from every part of our community are facing men’s health concerns, such as prostate or testicular cancers.

A BBC news article dated 27.01.2020 stated that ‘Prostate overtakes breast as most common cancer’ and we are seeing increasing numbers here in the TRNC so we need to work towards addressing this situation.

The prostate can be a troublesome little gland. It is prone to painful infections and inflammation, enlargement that interferes with urination and cancer and though prostate cancer is common worldwide, it is not often discussed. Many men are hesitant about screening for prostate cancer or are unsure of what they need to know related to detecting cancer and talking with their doctor about screening. Seeking help and advice at an early stage aids early detection, therefore giving the best possible chance of recovery.

Age is the main risk factor for prostate cancer which explains why we have seen a sudden rise in cases within our expat community here in the TRNC.

Early prostate cancer usually causes no symptoms. Men who have prostate cancer can be symptom-free for years which is why it is important to attend regular screening

Tulips have produced a leaflet explaining who is at risk and some of the basic symptoms. It is important to be aware that conditions other than prostate cancer can also have these symptoms however the only way to know what might be causing them is to see a doctor and get some testing done.

Learn all you can about your personal risk for prostate cancer and how to know if testing is right for you. Why bury your head in the sand and potentially self endure heavy and costly treatment when early detection can reduce this and give you a huge chance of survival?

‘What can a woman do about prostate cancer?’ Make sure the men in her family know the facts about the disease. Be sure they talk with a doctor about the steps they can take to help reduce their risk of prostate cancer or find it early.

Ignoring it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Sue Tilt
0542 854 8714
Tulips/ Help Those With Cancer Association
(Kanser Hastalarina Yardim Dernegi)

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