March 25, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

Whether numbers do play a role in our lives or not, which is always open to debate, however the date of 22nd February 2022 is indeed one very special and unique date. For sure, in our lives, we are not going to see such a repetition of a single digit. This is what makes it unique and very special for all of the present generation.

Though there still is one chance of improving this array of numbers. Exactly after 200 years, there will be the best possible repetition of the same digit, i.e. 22-02-2222. Humans living on this planet will see the best possible combination of 2 in the form of date, after 200 years. I wonder if humans would be interested in this repetition of one single digit, after 200 years.

Putting the same question in an adverse way is whether human beings had tried to understand or got excited in the last possible array of the same digit, in the year 22. exactly two thousand years back from today, the date was 22-02-022. Did this date mean anything to the people at that time? Most probably not. But now a lot of people got excited by seeing the 22-02-2022 on their calendar.

I personally do not believe in numerology or the spiritual side of numbers, but for sure there are thousands and thousands of people the world over who do believe in numerology fully or to a great extent. I tried to look at it on the internet and found out that the repeating sequence of numbers are known as “MASTER NUMBERS” in numerology. Greece is said to be the place where numerology came into existence and was researched upon. Since the inception of numerology, the numbers like 11 or 22 or 33 have been considered as the sequence “commanding an extra-strength presence in the cosmos”.

These numbers (11, 22 , 33) represent a very special sequence of digits in numerology, since they cannot be reduced to a single number. This uniqueness of these thus have a special impact of themselves, known as “the triangle of enlightenment”. Strangely enough of these three the number 2 has been considered as the most powerful one.

With all this information it’s not difficult to understand that the 22022022 date is one unique date which a very large number of people around the globe, had been waiting eagerly. The ultimate interpretation and impact on individual lives of course differ from person to person. However, I am sure it would be really an important topic to research in the future.

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