March 28, 2023

Between 21 January and 21 February 2022, a total of 145 businesses were inspected by the Girne Municipality Health Branch teams regarding food hygiene, general hygiene and Covid-19 Pandemic measures, 7 businesses were fined 12,052 TL in total.

A restaurant business that did not fulfill its legal obligations regarding the Covid pandemic and its official legal records were found to be missing,  a hotel business, a butcher and two cafe businesses, an off-license business whose food storage conditions was not suitable for food hygiene, and a supermarket that was found to be working against the hygiene rules regarding environmental health;

Girne Municipality continues the inspections of the Covid-19 pandemic measures, as well as the routine hygiene controls of the food-related businesses operating in the city. In addition to the social places that are in demand with the dense population, the controls of all commercial enterprises that are open for the public to eat, drink and enjoy are maintained intensively.

Within the scope of the controls made to all food businesses routinely, in three supermarkets: Various food products, which were found to be unsuitable for human consumption, expired and not meeting the legal requirements, were confiscated for destruction. Within the scope of the controls where non-compliances were subject to penal actions, a total of 60 workplaces were reported for their deficiencies, 10 businesses were warned to close if the deficiencies were not corrected, and a total of 7.000 TL was fined for one workplace for not fulfilling the Covid-19 Pandemic measures; Six different businesses were fined 5,052 TL in total for their deficiencies in food hygiene and legal obligations. In addition, it was stated that the controls for the sales in the Girne Municipality Open Market, which is established every Wednesday, are continued within the framework of the Covid-19 Pandemic measures.

Girne Municipality Mayor Nidai Güngördü said: Covid inspections will continue: “While the official controls, which have been carried out as Girne Municipality since the beginning of the pandemic, have continued uninterrupted, our primary goal is to protect public health. In this struggle, the issue of applying the rules with the participation of our tradesmen and our people is also of vital importance. In addition, every member of the society regarding vaccination should bear his/her own responsibility.”

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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