March 28, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

Interestingly my whole life is filled with adventures of various types and in different fields. Sports, music, journalism, and YouTube very recently. However just a couple of days ago, all of a sudden, I found myself inclined to enter a new field. This new field is “Yoga”.

I cannot say that I ever knew anything about Yoga, but I never found myself totally willing to start yoga. Though I have not yet started Yoga, making a decision is the first positive direction towards the achievement of a goal. So that’s it. I have taken my decision to enter the field of Yoga.

But the question remains, as to when and how. I know this is the most vital but equally difficult question to answer. Honestly, I do not have any outright answer to any of these questions since there are too many factors involved in actually starting practicing yoga.

So I have decided for the moment to go for the easiest option. The easiest way of keeping myself motivated and also to step ahead towards the ultimate goal is to read about Yoga. So I started surfing the internet and reading. Wow, there is too much information spread all over the internet, and it’s not possible to read and understand all. So obviously I tried to read whatever I could.

Yoga at sunset on Kervansaray public beach

However, during the last decade, I was not too far away from Yoga. My daughter who is a physiotherapist was and is in the world of yoga to a great extent. Knowledge of Yoga helps her a lot while carrying out exercises for her patients. To reach that stage, she learned yoga and practiced. In that process of learning yoga, she got help from the videos of practical yoga exercises. During the last few years, I had seen her practicing yoga in the light of the video playing on a screen. That was a nice way of learning, which she capitalised on and learned yoga for practical purposes.

But for me, I do not have time enough to sit in front of the television screen and learn yoga from the yoga tutorials on Youtube. However, honestly speaking right now I do not see any other way out for me. As my wife said the other day, ” if you really want to learn yoga, you will have to take out some time for that”. She is correct. But right now I do not have sufficient time to go ahead.

However, I have learned a bit about the philosophy of yoga. What I have understood is that Yoga helps us in breathing. The point that we all usually miss is that we do not breathe properly. Due to this, we do not take in the oxygen as much as we are capable of. Due to this, short induction of oxygen in our lungs, the organs of our bodies too get less oxygen. This ultimately reduces the working capability of our organs. So yoga teaches us to breathe in a way that would ensure intake of more oxygen in our lungs, to improve our performances.

Yoga appeared too simple to me when I found the above information, but I know practically practicing yoga is not so simple.

However, right now I find myself committed to starting yoga. When and how? I do not know.

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