March 28, 2023

We would like to thank First Lady, Sibel Tatar for being able to share her Facebook posting in support of the drive to deal with the problem of cancer in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

“On the 4th February World Cancer Day that I care about very much, I wished very much to carry a banner with you on this walk that we prepared together, however, unfortunately I was unable to join you.

My heart was with you on World Cancer Day, raising awareness of cancer in accordance with the purpose of this day, while we need to take our individual actions first to promote early diagnosis, early treatment and prevention of cancer…

Our state should immediately implement the necessary legal regulation, control and punishments regarding air, soil and food, which are the most important factors of cancer in terms of protecting its citizens and ensuring their right to healthy life.

It’s going down. Fighting cancer should start not only after you get sick but before you get sick. Since at least one-third of common cancer is preventable, I would like to underline this: – The importance of food security is included in the State Act that is still in the parliament, the section of the supervision and penalties of the legal regulation related to food security to it be as it sinks. – Equality in cancer treatment. – Access to cancer treatment should be given importance.

Lastly, I would like to thank Raziye Kocaismail, President of Tulips Charity Association for Cancer Patients, her management, members and staff of K.K.T.C Presidency, Presidential Science and Health Committee chairman and members, and everyone who contributed to the walk.

Good health. Have a nice day.”

Source (Turkish): Sibel Tatar Facebook

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