September 28, 2022

Introduction by Chris Elliott…….

Most people in Northern Cyprus want to see the environment protected which includes the many beaches we can enjoy and we have received the following news from Chris Alt.

“A few weeks ago I migrated to Northern Cyprus and I enjoy every day of the beautiful nature on this spot of paradise on Earth. But like everywhere there are shadows here, the beaches are in many places full of (plastic) garbage.

This is changeable and the first step is to begin. A dozen people spontaneously came to the rescue today when I announced I wanted to clean up the beach outside my front door.

WOW, this was a great start and I’m looking forward to seeing more volunteers step by step as we plan a different beach every couple of weeks.

It’s a good feeling to nature to give a little something back and I’m sure this is contagious. Other than that, it’s just fun to be on the beach with nice people in the sunshine and do something good

 Please share this post, I’m looking forward to anyone who wants to be part of our BEACH CLEANING campaign – no matter if it’s one time or regular, EVERYONE is WELCOME here.



PS: The 2nd Beach Cleaning event will take place again on the beach of Marina View. on Saturday, December 18, 2021 at 11.00 am

There is still a lot to clean up there and it should become the first really clean beach in North Cyprus so for further information go to my group Facebook page BEACH CLEANING North Cyprus


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