January 31, 2023

Between 19 October – 18 November 2021, a total of 190 businesses were inspected by the Girne Municipality Health Branch teams regarding food hygiene, general hygiene and Covid-19 Pandemic measures. Two businesses operating in breach of the hygiene conditions were sealed, and a 4,400TL fine was paid by a business that did not comply with the Covid-19 measures. Penalties were issued, and legal action was taken against two people who made mobile sales without permission.

Girne Municipality has increased the inspections of the Covid-19 pandemic measures, as cases have increased in recent days, as well as the routine hygiene controls of businesses operating in the city and related to food.  In addition to the social places that are in demand, the controls of all commercial enterprises that are open for the public to eat, drink and socialise are being conducted intensively.

The activities of Ora Ocakbaşı Restaurant and Little Garden Cafe, whose standards were found insufficient during the hygiene controls carried out in the past days, were stopped.  Where businesses have eliminated their technical deficiencies, their activities have been allowed to continue.

Criminal sanctions

During the controls cases of non-compliance were subject to penal actions. A total of 74 workplaces were warned due to their deficiencies, as well as 2 workplaces that were sealed. 4 businesses were given notice of closure if the deficiencies were not corrected. A 4,400 TL fine was imposed for a workplace not fulfilling the Covid-19 Pandemic measures regarding the use of masks;  A total of 4,216 TL fines were imposed on 8 food businesses that had deficiencies in general food hygiene regulations.  Legal action was taken against two people who sold mobile food without permission.  In addition, it was stated that the controls for the sales in the Girne Municipality Open Market, which is established every Wednesday, will continue in accordance with the Covid-19 Pandemic measures.

Girne Municipality Mayor Nidai Güngördü said “There are many people visiting businesses operating in food, beverage and entertainment, and the use of indoor spaces is increasing with the cooling of the weather.  It requires strict implementation not only of general hygiene measures but also of Covid-related measures.  It is not only our duty to protect the health of our citizens, but also our foreign students and tourists to our country.  In order to protect the daily social life and economic flow, we, as the Municipality, will continue the controls for a safe winter and school period.  Due to the increasing Covid-19 cases, we, as the Municipality, will give more weight to our controls in the coming days.  However, it is of great importance for everyone to pay attention to the mask, personal social distance, and hygiene issues.  With these measures, it will be possible to ensure that our children and young people receive safe education in schools.  In addition, every member of society should bear his/her own responsibility regarding vaccination.  Everyone, our people, our shopkeepers, and local administrators, must manage this critical process together.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality


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