March 27, 2023

As World Children’s Rights Day approached, the children who are members of the Girne Municipality Children’s Assembly participated in a game about Children’s Rights held at the Social Life Centre of the Municipality. They had fun whilst learning about the rights of children.

The children gathered around the game board, on which the articles of the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child and learning activities were included. These explained their rights with pictures, songs and sketches.  At the end of the game, they discussed children’s rights in a chat environment with the staff of the Social Affairs Branch of the municipality. At the end of the event, the Children’s Rights booklet prepared by the municipality was given to the children.

Girne Municipality Social Affairs Branch Supervisor Misli Kadıoğlu stated that all children are entitled to education, health, living and housing;  Noting that knowing their rights, such as protection against physical, psychological or sexual exploitation, plays an important role in preventing violations of their rights, she pointed out the importance of protecting children against all kinds of neglect and abuse and living in peace and brotherhood.  Kadıoğlu said that with such activities, they reach out to children and try to raise their awareness.

Children’s Assembly

Kadıoğlu aims to provide children with a democratic space where they can express themselves with the Children’s Assembly, which was established by the Municipality of Girne two years ago. She said they are still developing it.  Stating that they have a vision of providing education and development opportunities for children living in the city and their families with the Social Life Centre, which hosts many different workshops and courses, as well as supporting them socially and culturally, Kadıoğlu said that they follow a policy that embraces all children.  Kadıoğlu underlined that they act together with children and experts in all their activities related to children’s rights and that they aim to improve their work with schools and families with projects for these purposes in the upcoming period.

Girne Municipality Counselling and Support Centre, held an online seminar by Zoom on 20th November 2021 marking the World Child Rights Day.  Talks by Child Abuse Investigation Specialist, Gülhan Gündüz, aimed remarks towards educators, police and experts entitled “Children’s Protection from Child Rights”. “Physical and Emotional Violence Against Children” was presented by Psychologist Damla Alkan, President of the Turkish Cypriot Human Rights Foundation.  Deniz Duzgun shared information on the topics of “Children’s Rights and Legal Aspects”.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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