January 30, 2023

Readers mail ….
By Richard Chamberlain …

The Slaby Beringer Electric car appeared about 100 years ago in Germany and It was both innovative and revolutionary.

In 1919, a German named Dr Rudolf Slaby built a small electrically propelled car for his personal use.The design aroused such interest so he decided together with Hermann Beringer to establish a company and begin volume production of the car. Many were manufactured.

Amazingly, I saw an advert in about 1970 in the antique car press for one of these cars for sale. It was priced at about £300 in those days. I have always been interested in old and classic cars so I went to see the electric car and bought it. It was in very good condition and I sat in it and rode up my quiet road.

It was only a one seater vehicle and on further investigation, I found out it was quite rare, and there were only about five known vehicles left.so I decided to advertise it for sale again in an antique vehicle magazine and I sold it and I am showing a picture of the Slaby Beringer Electric car on the Audi website where you can see more cars by clicking here. ..

100 years later than when it was originally built, electric cars are now all the rage, and one has been designed and built in the TRNC at the Near East University and called the Günsel..

A photo of the Slaby Beringer car and the NEU Günsel car show the amazing difference in the two cars and probably in the next 50 years, we will all be driving around in electric cars. Click here and click here to read more of the NEU Günsel electric car

God Bless Slaby Beringer of 100 years ago!

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