March 26, 2023

We have received a review from Pamela Tschersich, Events Manager of The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR) of their recent visit to Famagusta as under.

“Despite a fine drizzle set in as we headed to Famagusta but eventually stopped just making a guest appearance occasionally ….not enough to dampen our spirits too much.

The first call was to the City Mall where quite a few members disembarked for a stroll round the shops while the rest of the group headed on to see Maras.

Our driver returned to the Mall picking us up after 4 hours at 11.00am and took us to the Old Walled City where we again disembarked to stroll around at leisure, meeting back at the bus for 3.30pm along with the others that had rejoined the group from Maras.

Personally I felt it a little eerie to see the Old Walled City so strangely still with half the restaurants still shut, with some shops closed with dust & fine debris in the windows, giving the appearance that this city closed in a hurry.  l was almost expecting tumbleweed to blow slowly down the street with Clint Eastwood looking at us from under his hat!!

Covid has certainly left its mark but hopefully with residents and tourists slowly visiting again, the TRNC will slowly get back on its feet, it certainly didn’t deter our members who were all seen in various venues enjoying the local refreshments, along with laughter and their usual good humour, it’s always good to share a day out  with the friendly banter that our members always display on all our tours and  trips. as our Chairman Horst  always says, we are like family.

Pamela Tschersich, Events Manager”

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