March 31, 2023

Introduction by  Chris Elliott…

CyprusScene has been receiving regular news and reviews articles from our followers and readers for the past 9 plus years which we have published for the enjoyment and information of others.

The latest review to cross our desk is from Mr Oz Orman is detailed under:

“Dear Chris

How are you? I hope you are well. My group and I have been researching the Golden Sands Hotel in Varosha, due to its British ownership links.

Older viewers will remember the name ‘Trusthouse Forte.’ Please click on the link below as you may want to share the video with your readers and viewers.

Keep up the good work.

With regards

Mr Oz Orman”

To understand the history of Golden Sands Hotel and Varosa we need to go back to Christmas 1963 when Greek Cypriots started to ethnic cleanse Turkish Cypriots under their Akritas plan which called for all Turkish Cypriots to be removed from the island.

Meanwhile Charles Forte and President Makarios made a deal and the construction of the Golden Sands Hotel started in 1968 and was said to have been officially opened on 8th May 1974.

Back to the dark side of Cyprus history when President Makarios stood before the UN Security Council asking for help on 19th July 1974 saying my country has been invaded by Greece. There had already been a coup supported by Greece and President Makarios had been ousted from power.

On 20th July Turkey as a guarantor of the Cyprus Founding Agreement, failing to get help from Great Britain, mounted a peace operation with landings on the North Coast of Cyprus and secured a controlled zone but when Greek Cypriots increased ethnic cleansing and massacres under their new Iphestos Plan, Turkish forces moved as far as Famagusta and local villages to stop any further bloodshed and massacres and after their arrival, Varosha became a ghost town full of damaged or decaying buildings in the years to come.

Now back the Golden Sands Hotel which was left untouched and as a press group found when in it went on a one off inspection tour of that part of Varosha they found Golden Sands Hotel still intact and fully furnished and the video talks of the ownership and rumoured investments in this hotel which has been kept secure and sealed by the local military forces which is most curious.

Do watch this video and you may ask the question when will Golden Sands Hotel open again and a few other questions that spring to mind?

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