March 27, 2023

Turkish Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador, Tanju Bilgiç held a press briefing and answered journalists questions regarding the foreign policy agenda.

Bilgiç also evaluated the news that the Greek Cypriot Administration and Greece are preparing to conduct research activities in the jurisdictions of the TRNC with a new NAVTEX and said “Both Greece and the Greek Cypriot Administration are taking steps which will increase the tension in the Eastern Mediterranean. Efforts to send research vessels to our continental shelf in the Mediterranean continue. We respond to these provocations both in the field and at the negotiation table. We will never allow the violation of our rights.”
Recalling that the Greek Cypriot side announced that they will start new drilling in November, Bilgiç continued that if this happens, they will respond to this.
Bilgiç said, “On the other hand, if the Eastern Mediterranean Conference, proposed by our President, can be held for a more equitable sharing of hydrocarbon reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean, cooperation between the countries of the region can be found and resources can be shared fairly.”

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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