March 21, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

It was 22nd of November 1963, when US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. It was the most sensational news of that time.  The whole world felt the impact of this but the most affected was his family, wife, and children.

Outwardly its impact appeared to affect his family, but it had given reason to many people, Americans in particular, to accept the “Kennedy curse”. The reason behind this is that it was just not an unnatural death of a member of the Kennedy family. Prior to the assassination of John Kennedy, in 1963, the Kennedy family had also witnessed some other unnatural family deaths and incidents.

Wikipedia explains the “Kennedy curse” as a “series of premature deaths, accidents, assassinations, and other calamities involving members of the American Kennedy family. The alleged curse has primarily struck the children and descendents of businessman Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., but it has also affected family friends, associates and other relatives. Political assassinations and plane crashes have been the most common manifestations of the curse”.

But what further made people believe in the “Kennedy curse”, is the fact that the unnatural deaths in the family did not stop on 22nd November, 1963. The series of unnatural deaths continued and still continues in the Kennedy family.

The younger brother of John, Robert F. Kennedy, was shot and killed on 5th June 1968, in Los Angeles, after he won the  Democratic Presidential Primary in California.

Apart from these two incidents of the most celebrated members of the Kennedy family, there are many more but less reported deaths and losses in the family, which made people really believe it as a “cursed” family. Hereunder I am listing down just a few important ones.

Before that, Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. had died on 12th August 1944, when his BQ-8 aircraft that he was piloting exploded in the air.

  • Kathleen Kick Kennedy died in a plane crash in France on 13th May 1948.
  • Ted Kennedy, Senator and younger brother of John and Robert Kennedy, survived a plane crash on 19th June, 1964. He again survived a car accident, when he had driven off a bridge. The accident had led to the death of a 28 year old passenger. Severely injured in both, he survived both.

It was during the above two incidents that people had started thinking if there really was a curse haunting the family. After the air crash of Ted Kennedy, his brother Robert was quoted as saying “somebody up there doesn’t like us”. Subsequently, after the car accident, Ted Kennedy was quoted saying that on the night of the accident he had wondered “whether some awful curse did actually hang over all the Kennedys”.

But that was not all. The curse also appeared to be looming over the family later on.

  • David A. Kennedy, son of Robert Kennedy, died of a drug overdose in a hotel in Florida on 25th April 1984.
  • Michael LeMoyne Kennedy died on 31st December, 1977  in Colorado in a skiing accident, after crashing into a tree.
  • John F. Kennedy Jr., son of John F. Kennedy, was killed in an air crash on 16th July 1999. He was piloting the plane. The pilot error was considered as the main reason of the crash. His wife and sister in law also died in the crash.
  • Mary Richardson Kennedy, killed herself in New York on 16th May 2012.
  • On 2nd April, 2020, Maeve Kennedy McKean, first disappeared and was then found dead. She had disappeared with her eight year old son, while on a canoe trip. Her dead body was found four days later.
  • The curse had seemingly affected people directly related to the Kennedys. For example, the parents of Ethel Kennedy (widow of Robert Kennedy) died in a plane crash in 1955.

And the list goes on and on. Though more than 80 years have passed, the curse is continuing. Nobody knows how much longer it may continue. 

Source: Wikipedia “Kennedy curse”




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