Erenkoy UN veteran honoured by TRNC President, Ersin Tatar

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Readers Mail….
From Ralph Kratzer The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)

“Dear members of TFR!

Our former TFR Chairman Willy Lindh from Sweden has been honored by the TRNC President, Ersin Tatar…

“As a United Nations soldier, Lars Willy Lindh showed courage and took great risks and helped the Turkish Cypriot Turks in the Erenköy Wars. It was a great pleasure to present this brave man the Honor Plate of Retired Officers Association”

Source: Ersin Tatar Facebook post

Here is an article “Erenköy – the truth is told” with an interesting video about Willy’s involvement as an officer in the UN-troops in those days (1964) which you can read by clicking here


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