March 26, 2023

Animal lovers in the world, for the first time in England in 1822, established the Animal Protection Union in order to protect animals, to ensure that people treat animals well, to be fed and protected in better conditions. This organisation, which gathered in Florence in 1931, declared 4th October as Animal Protection Day to draw attention to the animal species threatened with extinction in the world.

On this special day a statement was issued by the Municipality of Girne in order to remind citizens to respect the right of animals, to offer a life in good conditions to pets, to act compassionately, and to protect, watch, and to raise awareness about being sensitive to the needs of animals.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü said:: According to the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights, published in Paris UNESCO in 1978, the first article states that “all animals are born equal before life and have the same right to exist.” No animal can be mistreated, and no cruelty or cruel action can be committed.’

As a Municipality, we are trying to do our part to implement the requirements of this declaration, adopted all over the world, in our city of Girne, which is a city of our country that opens to the world and hosts many international organisations.

In addition to our cooperation with organisations working in our country for the protection of animals that are part of wildlife, we continue our efforts for the dogs that are orphaned on the streets through the Girne Municipality Animal Shelter and Rehabilitation Center, which we opened in 2017.

While 448 of our best friends have been sterilized through our center, we have arranged adoption for nearly 200 orphans and contributed to them having a home. Since we see our dear friends as a part of  Girne, we continue to work to provide what is necessary to meet their basic needs. In order to protect and protect the living conditions and fundamental rights and freedoms of owned animals, we take care to carry out studies that will provide social awareness as well as official controls.

Since Animal Rights must be protected by laws like Human Rights, we continue to work on eliminating the deficiencies in the legal area. It is our duty to remember and respect animal rights that complement the diversity and colours of life on such a day.

Source (Turkish) Girne Municipality


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