March 25, 2023

TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs Statement

The allegations made by the Greek Cypriot Administration of Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Christodoulides against our homeland Turkey, in his last statement to the press are, as always, a part of the Greek Cypriot side’s usual disrespectful and boundless approach to hide its own aggressive stance.

Nikos Christodoulides went so far as to claim that Turkey is pursuing an “aggressive” policy, that there is no State in the region with which it has good relations, and that it is trying to create a new Ottoman Empire. It is enough to look at the historical facts to understand who is “aggressive” with their insatiable attitudes far from sharing in the island and region of Cyprus. The Turkish Cypriot side, together with the Motherland Turkey, has shown all its goodwill to reach an agreement on Cyprus and has proven its constructive stance on this issue.

The accusations brought against Turkey by a mentality that rejects all agreement models and ignores the existence of the Turkish Cypriot people and their right to self-government are hypocrisy to say the least.

The only reason for the increase in tension on the island and its surroundings is the Greek Cypriot side. It is useful to remind the Greek Cypriot side that the constructive proposal of the Turkish Cypriot side regarding the sharing of natural resources on the island and its surroundings is still on the table. We invite the Greek side, which prefers aggression and arrogance instead of dialogue and diplomacy, to show common sense as soon as possible.

Source (Turkish) TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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