March 28, 2023

Girne Municipality, in cooperation with Kolan British Hospital, is organising an Antenatal and Postnatal training program on the Zoom Platform on 10th October 2021 with the participation of experts.

The Antenatal and Postnatal Education Program is organised by Girne Municipality Social Life Center and Counseling and Support Center in cooperation with Kolan British Hospital on Sunday 10th October  2021.

According to the information given by Girne Municipality, the online program to be organised with the slogan “Conscious mothers, healthy generations” will start at 11:00am on the zoom platform.

Within the framework of the program, Obstetrician Op. Dr. Sinan Eken will talk about routine tests, pregnancy follow-up, regular pregnancy control, diet, determination of birth type and postpartum follow-up to have a healthy pregnancy.

At 12:00, Nutrition Specialist Dt. Seren Avcı will give information in the training program on topics such as nutrition during pregnancy, weight control during pregnancy, physical activity, what to do to increase breast milk, and nutrition.

At 14.00, Dr. Psychologist Cansın İskender will answer the questions of the participants by talking about pregnancy and birth psychology, mother-infant relationship, pregnancy, birth process and problems experienced during puerperium, happy and peaceful pregnancy, postpartum depression, and stress management in the process.

You can call 0533 870 20 10 for registration and information about the seminar, which is planned to be held interactively on the Zoom platform online.

At the end of the event, participants will be given a certificate of participation.

Girne Municipality Social Affairs Branch Supervisor Misli Kadıoğlu pointed out the importance of being healthy and conscious in all areas of life, from birth to death, and stated that they planned the online seminar series they prepared in this sense, especially for mothers-to-be, pregnant women and new mothers, fathers and their relatives.

Reminding that this process is the first step and one of the most important processes to raise healthy individuals, Kadıoğlu said that everyone, especially mother and father candidates, should be educated in order to raise healthy children.

Kadıoğlu noted that with this program, there will be an opportunity to access important information from experts.

Mayor of Girne, Nidai Güngördü, pointed out that the value of healthy life has been realised much more with the pandemic, especially in recent years, and pointed out the importance of conducting human-oriented studies as local governments. Güngördü stated that they brought together healthy mothers for healthy generations, and the public for a peaceful and happy society, with experts and educators, to reach the right information and that these efforts will increasingly continue in the upcoming period.

Güngördü thanked Kolan British Hospital staff, experts and responsible staff for their cooperation, who also contributed to the city in terms of social responsibility.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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