April 1, 2023

TRNC President Ersin Tatar published a message on the anniversary of the 25th anniversary of the martyrdom of Infantry Soldier Allahverdi Kılıç who became a martyr as a result of the attack of Greek Cypriot soldiers on the 8th of September 1996 while he was doing his military service.

President Tatar pointed out that Turkey’s guarantorship and Turkish Armed Forces cannot be given up and added “We commemorate Infantry Soldier Allahverdi Kılıç once again with mercy and respect on the 25th anniversary of his martyrdom. We have not forgotten this treacherous attack, we will not forget it. It is our greatest duty to keep our martyrs alive and glorify them”.

Stating that that this attack by Greek Cypriot soldiers is another proof that the Greek Cypriot administration has a criminal record, while showing once again that the Greek Cypriot mentality, which does not give the Turkish Cypriot people the right to life and sees the people as a minority, has not changed and will not change, President Tatar emphasised that their main goal is to put an end to this mentality and aggression, to protect the people, to secure the future of the people and the new generations, and to reach a fair and lasting agreement.

Pointing out that this can be achieved with the agreement based on the existence of two separate sovereign equal states, which was put on the negotiating table for the first time in Geneva, not with an unrealisable federal-based agreement, President Tatar made the following statements in his message. “Our proposal for a solution proposal, which is also supported by Turkey, the most powerful and largest country in the region, is the most realistic solution and we will not take a step back from this proposal.

Aiming to abolish Turkey’s guarantee and drive Turkish soldiers away from Cyprus by saying “zero army, zero guarantees”, the Greek Cypriot administration should know that we will not give up the guarantorship of Turkey and the Turkish soldiers. Mujahid (Turkish Cypriot soldiers) and Mehmetçik (Turkish soldiers) are our only assurance and guarantee.

If we live under the roof of our own state as sovereign, free and fearless after the great resistance in this land that we know as our homeland today, we owe it to our martyrs, Mujahid, Mehmetçik and Turkey, who is always by our side.”

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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