December 8, 2023

Ayfer Altinok wanted to give the Anglo Turkish Association Members and Guests something different for their monthly social gathering meal, and she certainly did! Held at Shayna Balık Resaraunt Ҫatalköy on a warm Saturday evening overlooking the sea, she provided a fish lovers’ delight to all those present. A sumptuous array of fish mezzes beautifully presented never stopped coming, whilst the fish main course was cooked to perfection. To their surprise non fish lovers were equally well catered for with the quality of the meat and vegetarian dishes being declared a great success.

Everyone agreed that the evening was another successful ATA activity, with Cyprus Today reader Mary and her two friends saying the ATA activities she has seen in Cyprus Today every week look so enjoyable that she wanted to attend one. After now having done so along with her friends she said the friendship and welcome they received made them feel at home and as if they knew everyone there, and she would definitely be going to future ATA activities.

Chairman Philip Lloyd said Mary’s comments emphasise what is at the core of the ATA, ‘the friendliness of our members who always make any guest feel as if they are one of them’.

Ayfer Altinok

At the end of the evening a beaming Ayfer said ‘I’m so pleased that my fellow ATA members and guests have enjoyed themselves and l am overwhelmed by the number of congratulations l’ve received. Organising an ATA social gathering meal seemed daunting a month ago but it has been a rewarding experience and I can’t wait to attend the next social gathering meal being organised by someone else’.

ATA Social Gathering meals are always held on the 28th of the month and organised by an ATA member, as with all ATA activities they are also open to non-members.

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