April 1, 2023

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from Nuheh Talitta ….

Cyprus is a fountain of baffling contradictions. In 1974 the Turkish Cypriots, having escaped, by just a few hours, being liquidated by their fellow Greek speaking countrymen withdrew to their northern safe haven. In November 1983 their elected representatives expressed the legitimate and irrepressible will of the Turkish Cypriot People… and declared before the world and before history the establishment of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as an independent state. The declaration also contained hopes for a happier future with their Greek Cypriot neighbours. A hope not shared by the Greeks who endeavour, on a daily basis, to create maximum unhappiness.

It is quite within international law for a people to make such a declaration of independence (see Bosnia) but only Turkey has recognised the TRNC. The remainder of the world meanwhile supports an illegal regime that has systematically murdered, raped and displaced its religious minorities and has helped other dictatorships to do the same (Bosnia inter alia). The lack of recognition, however, does not prevent the TRNC declaration from being 100% legally effective.

From that long winded introduction comes the question. Why do so many political and business leaders have a passport of the so-called Republic of Cyprus?1 The RoC is a different country and one which is exceedingly hostile to the TRNC. Of course, there are practical reasons, a TRNC passport may be of restricted use as it is not recognised by the majority of countries. So, use a Turkish one, or a British one but never a RoC one. This is a matter of principle of the highest possible order.  The TRNC is an independent country. All its political and business leaders should act and talk accordingly despite the difficulties.

It seems to me, complaining that your obnoxious neighbour has taken away your passport, because it regards you as its enemy makes the situation more absurd. The leaders of the country should get together and toss all their RoC passports onto a bonfire. Why not televise that as a message to the world. The TRNC is a separate and independent country.                                                                                                   

1 President Tatar as a citizen of the 1960 Republic would be entitled and may have received a RoC passport/identity card in the past but has not used it.

1 thought on “Passports, the Cyprob Through the Looking Glass

  1. Hala Sultan Tekkesi must become Turkish Territory.
    It is A Very Important Islamic Shrine. According to some Islamic Authorities, It is the Third, after Mekke ve Medine ahead of Jerusalem.
    In the days of the Ottomans, when Naval ships passing by, they would lover the Flag to Half-Mast and fire One Canon in Respect.
    Far too Important to be in Roc Territory.

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