March 25, 2023

We are sharing for readers who are seeking the latest facts and information with the approval of the BRS news recently provided by the British Residents’ Society to their members.

LATEST UPDATE     24.8.2021


According to the order published in the Official Gazette, it is forbidden to go out from 00.00 to 05.00 every night until September 1st, in accordance with the partial curfew imposed to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Under the resolution of the Supreme Committee on Infectious Diseases, private sector employees working to meet basic needs and employees such as police, firefighters, municipalities, civil defence, health workers and the like will be exempt from the partial curfew.

All but these individuals must abide by the ban. Those who do not comply with the partial curfew will be prosecuted under the current legislation.


From 27th August 2021 ANY unvaccinated person requiring a PCR or Antigen test will be liable for the cost of those tests.

Also the hotel expenses for unvaccinated people in quarantine will also have to be covered entirely by themselves.

PCR Tests will be priced at 100 TL and antigen tests are 40 TL.


A 10 cents discount on the litre price of both Petrol and Euro Diesel, which is valid from today, this is due to oil prices in the world’s oil market.


As per our last update we are now aware that the ‘Pilot’ trial for the Adapass scheme will begin on 27th August within the Lefkosa District.  Although we believe it will be confined to the town centre.

We still HAVE NOT had any clarity from the Government in respect of how to apply for exemptions for those members who, for whatever reasons, have not been vaccinated or had their vaccinations in the UK and need to have them added to the ADAPASS scheme.

The advice that we are giving is for all vaccinated individuals to carry your UK, EU or TRNC vaccination certificates AND passports should you be questioned.

For those of you who are unvaccinated and consider the ‘risks’ too high due to medical conditions we expect that you will soon have to be in possession of a medical certificate/letter confirming this, it will NOT be sufficient to apply for an exemption as you will be required to provide medical evidence.

Editor’s Note:  Readers wishing to learn more of the British Residents’ Society or registration as a member which can be started online please visit their website – or

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