January 27, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

I know that I always avoid shortcuts and go for long routes. But I had never thought of experiencing the same in the case of vaccination for Covid 19. The first, the second and now the third dose. Just today my wife and I were vaccinated for the third time.

We both were vaccinated for the first time in the month of February 2021. That was the first dose, and it was  Sinovac (Chinese). At that time we were told that we would have to return back for the second dose, a month later. So we got the second dose in March 2021. That was also the same Sinovac vaccine. At that time I had thought that we had become immune in respect of Covid 19.

But it was not the case. Later on we came to learn that we also needed a third dose after six months, to give a further boost to our immune system. I remember I had become uneasy when I was aware of that. But there seemed no other option available. Repeatedly I had joked about the Chinese vaccine, that I would probably be starting speaking Chinese due to the first two dose of the Sinovac vaccine, and they would call everybody after six months to check if they had started speaking Chinese or not. Those who would not have started speaking in Chinese automatically would be given a third dose!

It was just a joke at that time but, with the passage of time, I understood that there is no other way out but to have the third dose after six months.

However, still there was one issue that was disturbing me. The Biontech ( German) and the Johnson (American) vaccines had also come into the picture. My two sons had the Johnson vaccine, and I was told that one dose of Johnson is sufficient. I wished I could have opted for the American vaccine, but it was already too late. There was no other way left for me but to wait for six months.

Now we are in the fifth month, after our second dose. We were told to go and have a third dose, as we were not required to finish the six months period, but we were advised to have the Biontech ( German) vaccine this time. That made me a bit confused, as to whether a combination of two Chinese and one German vaccine is technically correct or not. Though I was told that there is nothing wrong with it, after getting this third dose today I am not fully satisfied inside.

So whatever may happen in the end, I am sure that getting vaccinated is much better than not getting vaccinated at all. These vaccines are just like any other medicines, with lots of plus and minus aspects. So right now there is no other way for me but to accept things as they are.

Apart from all this confusion going on in my mind about Chinese, German and American vaccines, I still wonder about a large number of people who are still not serious about being vaccinated. Why? That’s a big question.

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