March 21, 2023

The decision of the Greek Cypriot Administration to cancel  passports and not to renew them is an injustice!

The Greek Cypriot Administration has tried to rule the 1960 Republic, which it usurped with an occupying mentality, and unilaterally for half a century with the same occupying mentality, and the world has been only a spectator to this.

The Greek Cypriot Administration, which is literally the spoiled child of the EU, and its so-called political officials, have increased this spoiledness even more, making human rights and freedoms their toys with which they think  they can play.

Restricting the freedom of travel, which is the most basic freedom of people, is an injustice that only this and similar mentalities can resort to.

Once again, I invite this mentality, which has made such unlawful acts and bigoted decisions that would restrict such human rights and freedoms, to start thinking humanely and peacefully.

Source: Fikri Ataoğlu Facebook


1 thought on “Fikri Ataoğlu condemns passport cancellation by Greek Cypriots

  1. I did comment on this a few weeks ago after hearing from a source in the South that the RoC was considering not to issue Passports anymore to Northern Cypriots. I also said this would push TRNC citizens to seek Turkish Passports if they wished to travel abroad. The RoC’s move is counter-productive and end any remaining possibility of a reunification or any meaningful reconciliation.. OIC countries could initiate recognition of TRNC. Failing that Turkey should consider making Mersin 10 a permanent entity as a state within its constituencies. Maybe this would be the way a fully independent TRNC in due course..

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