March 21, 2023

The Minister of Public Works and Transportation, Resmiye Canaltay, made investigations to see the problems in the passenger arrivals section of Ercan airport, where there was a lot of density, and to find solutions. Minister Canaltay was accompanied by the officials of the Ministry, as well as the airport operator T&T airport operations and the officials of Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines, which organise flights to Ercan.

In her statement to the press after the inspection, Canaltay stated that the passenger exit section at the airport is the showcase of the country and that the first impression of the country is formed here at the inbound section, and that they came to see the disruptions in order to make the transactions at the airport faster.

Stating that they carried out on-site inspections with the airport management and Pegasus officials so that Ercan could be ready for more flights and passengers, Canaltay said that Ercan received nearly 20 planes a day, but the staff was insufficient.

Expressing that they will ensure a healthy transition by maintaining social distance with the work they will do in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, Canaltay noted that their aim is to create order in the transitions and to ensure the transitions in the fastest way.

Canaltay stated that the aircraft arrived in approximately half an hour and they got zero points from the tourists and students in the entrance process, where the tourists got their first impressions, and said that they are working to overcome all these problems.

After the examination, Minister Canaltay held a meeting with the officials of the Civil Aviation Department, T&T Ercan airport management, airport police, and aircraft companies.

After the meeting, Canaltay visited the Civil Aviation Department air traffic control center and thanked the air controllers, who worked selflessly under difficult conditions during the pandemic period, for their service.

Source (Turkish) : TRNC Ministry of Public Works and Transportation

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