April 1, 2023

By Chris Elliott….

Most of us are used to modern technology and in particular using smartphones and computers to share ideas and news and from time to time when the internet plays up we have to wait for the service to return but what happens when equipment breaks down, like a Laptop.

Many readers of CyprusScene news will be aware I have had a couple of periods in hospital having treatment and currently having more and have been fully occupied with publishing in conjunction with Margaret Sheard who is working from our home.

And then it happened, my laptop started overheating and then shut down and was not happy to reboot despite trying a few times.

What do I do now I thought and I recalled from a couple of visits to Teknogold stores that I had seen laptops with UK keyboards so I decided to try and email them asking for help and I received a fast reply from Fatih Yilmaz giving me links to their website where I could read in English the choice of laptops available.

Now the difficult part was that the work we do requires a high power machine and sadly the only choice available to me was to have a Laptop with a Turkish Keyboard so I would need to adapt.

No problem, I then established contact with Kemal Mavigözlü and we discussed my needs and he assured me they had the machine I wanted in stock and they could have it ready for collection with the operating system and software I needed all installed.

Thank you Fatih and Kemal of Teknogold, I am pleased to say the Laptop is a dream to work with and is now like an old friend as I resume and try to catch up with publishing CyprusScene website news and reviews plus our online e-newspaper and podcasts.

For those readers who would like to view Teknogold full range of products please click here

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