April 1, 2023

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Dutch MP Liane den Haan visited North Cyprus this week on a semi-private trip during she met Turkish Cypriot Tourism Minister, Fikri Ataoglu. Naturally, this has caused the usual rumpus amongst the Greek Cypriot loudmouths. None has been more idiotic than the so-called “ Finance Minister” of the illegal regime, Constantinos Petrides who slammed the Dutch MP tweeting:

“Informally speaking, you [Ms den Haan] are a disgrace for the institution you represent, its formal policy, and the European values. You stand for ethnic cleansing and occupation,”

Constantinos Petrides – Picture Cyprus Mail

Petrides was born on 1 July 1974 and so has probably not read anything truthful about the history of the Republic of Cyprus from 1960 to 1974. He probably believes the propaganda that the Turkish Cypriots, in 1963, deliberately went out into the streets so that they could be shot by the EOKA sponsored terrorists set loose on them by the government. This, therefore, justified the state of Cyprus destroying 102 Turkish Cypriot villages and herding the Turks out of their land into tiny unarmed enclaves. The state meanwhile misappropriated the 40% of Cyprus owned by the Turks in 1960.

Mr Petrides has probably not heard of the Akritas Plan, dreamed up by the once deported terrorist, Makarios and his ministers Polycarpos Georkadjis and Tassos Papadopoulos (appropriately, holder of the Order 1st Class, White Double Cross of Serbia) both members of EOKA. Nor, most likely, has Mr Petrides heard of the Iphestos plan, concocted by the same ace team of racists to eliminate the entire Turkish Cypriot population in one go in July 1974.

It is understandable, therefore, why Mr Petrides has delusions that the Turks of Cypriots are responsible for their own murders and their own expulsion from their own properties and their own ethnic cleansing.

Of course, Mr Petrides may be referring to the division of Cyprus in August 1974. He would have been a sweet 6 week old baby then. He would not have known that his President, Makarios, had begged the UN to help stop the invasion of Cyprus by Greece (not a misprint) Mr Petrides, you can watch the speech on YouTube) and that it was universally recognised that the Turkish intervention was both necessary and lawful under the Guarantee Treaties and customary international law, to prevent further war crimes, rapes, murders, genocide, and ethnic cleansing by, wait for it, the Greek Cypriots and their illegal “government”.

Mr. Petrides may be suffering the delusion that Greek Cypriots deserve to be rewarded for breaching treaties, constitutions, and humanitarian laws if the victims are Turkish Cypriots. After all the Greeks did exactly the same to their Muslim neighbours in Crete. Maybe that is not a delusion as the guilty ones have been rewarded by the international community.

It was as a result of these murderous campaigns, by the Greek Cypriots, that the two communities finally found that they could no longer live together. The leaders of the two “communities” arranged for an orderly and safe migration for Greeks to the South and Turks to the North. That was not forced ethnic cleansing but mutual recognition of the racial and religious realities.

So, Mr Petrides, if you still believe the Turkish Cypriots are responsible for ethnic cleansing and occupation we suggest that it is time that you went to see a doctor.

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2 thoughts on “Greek Cypriot “Minister” suffering CYPROB delusion

    1. good piece but where i think the facts are lacking is in the
      direct role Greece played and yes Greek Cypriots were involved or became embroiled BUT the Greeks instigated a lot so to label the Cypriots as agreeing things is a bit ingenious in my humble opinion

      CS: Thank you for your comment. Your points were more fully dealt with in an article we published on July 22nd concerning the Iphestos plan.

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