March 22, 2023

By Chris Elliott….

We have written many articles concerning the Flight Embargo between the UK and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and also the unjust treatment of the Turkish Cypriots who are shunned and mistreated by the UN, EU, UK and the so-called Republic of Cyprus supported by the international community.

With the latest developments to disadvantage the Turkish Cypriots and ex-pats living in Northern Cyprus, the UK and the RoC are introducing restrictions on travellers and the British Residents Society have issued a newsletter, click here highlighting how this will affect expat travellers.

We are also sharing below the following statement made by the Young Turkish Cypriots on their Facebook page.

BREAKING NEWS! The UK government and the Greek Cypriot administration continue to racially discriminate against the Turkish Cypriot people.

The UK government are officially refusing to accept TRNC vaccination certification cards, whilst reports keep coming in that Greek Cypriot border control are rejecting Turkish Cypriot PCR tests. How long must our suffering go on for?

This is a HUMANITARIAN ISSUE, however, the UK government are continuing to make this a political issue, bowing their heads to the racist Greek Cypriot administration and inhumanely punishing the Turkish Cypriots again!

Where is the outcry from the federalists or those that want reunification? Where is the support from our so-called Cypriot brothers and sisters in the South? Are we not ONE people…or is that only the case when it comes to an actual Cyprus settlement? It does not seem to be the case when it comes to Turkish Cypriot embargoes… embargoes we have faced for 58 years.”

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